Skate Park Failure ; Seabrook, Texas

The city of Seabrook responded to their citizens need for a skate park by having a local architect design, and city crew build the public skate park. Phase I was completed in 2001. The park was equipped with a fence, and created a staff position for a skate park monitor complete with restricted hours. Full pads were required. The Park was a failure then, and a failure now. Phase II added new obstacles, and retrofitted some of the original transitions, yet once again they followed the same route with local design/build strategy, and was unsuccessful. If the city of Seabrook decides to give the park another shot, they should consider Liquid Stone Designs, a small skater owned firm based out of Oregon that prides themselves on retrofitting.

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1 Response to Skate Park Failure ; Seabrook, Texas

  1. DIGI5 says:

    That’s such a shame!

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